Technical Confidence™ is a brand of Unbounded Solutions LLC which was founded in 2014 in Houston, Texas. Unbounded Solutions LLC currently operates in the United States and Taiwan serving customers internationally. The unique Technical Confidence™ brand is an identity that self-describes precisely what you get from bringing us into your business or products, a sense of confidence that the technical aspects of your products and business are in the right capable hands. 

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Before founding the company, Nick von Sternberg earned a PhD in medical robotics and during which his thesis research on enabling technologies for MRI guided surgery resulted in patents, publication, international awards, funding  for the university, and is currently being commercialized. His professional background comes from a well rounded engineering career in Houston, including a research fellowship in the Texas Medical Center, 3+ years with a leading manufacturer of rugged electronics, work in 2 different engineering consulting companies as well as an MEP firm. Even before engineering school he was passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. He was already developing and hosting websites for paying customers by his first year of high-school. 


Through today, his persistent desire to understand the mechanics of everything around us has enabled him to develop diverse yet thorough understandings of multiple engineering disciplines. His technical leadership  and stubborn insistence to see things through brings efficiency, quality, and transparency in everything we provide to our clients.