Some of our recent work in high-level consulting, full stack development, product design, manufacturing
and advanced R&D.

Customer:  A Medical Device Startup

This startup is creating innovative Bluetooth enabled medical devices seeking FDA class II device approval. We have been involved every step of the way over the last three years with a heavy focus on user experience and battery life.



  • Talent hiring and management

  • Product features, user interaction, planning, design inputs

  • Specification, architecture, engineering and review of all disciplines: industrial, mechanical, hardware, firmware, software, mobile, cloud, UI/UX design. 

  • FMEA/DFMEA, Risk management, IEC 62304

  • Development workflows, SCRUM, source control, code review

  • Supported meetings with the worlds largest pharmaceutical companies.

High Level Consulting

Customer:  A publicly traded company

R&D of a robotic device for processing electronic components of various sizes and packages. The first prototype we created was an RPR robot created from spare parts fitted with a webcam. Motor control and image processing code were created from scratch to enable robotic manipulation and process control based upon real-time image feedback. A new proposal including 3D process simulations using accurate models of industrially available components and various industrial robots has been delivered to the customer for selection of a 6 DoF manufacturing robot. Programming of the 6 DoF robot will provide more sophisticated maneuvers enabling this process to be used with an increased number of complex components.

Involvement: ​

  • Part selection, comparison, and quotation 

  • Robotic simulation and prototyping

  • Stepper and servo motor control

  • Image processing, real-time image feedback and control

Advanced R&D, Robotics

Customer:  ResultCare Inc (

ResultCare came to us with an idea to provide doctors with scored evidence direct from most recent research papers to make better medical decisions while practicing. We assessed ResultCare’s product goals and not only created their very first app and database products but also helped them grow and manage an international team over the following three years.



  • Created an in-house team-on-demand "ResultCare Taiwan" 

  • Product features, user interaction, planning, design inputs

  • Architecture, and development of native Android and iOS apps and NodeJS  backend. 

  • Development workflows, SCRUM, source control, code review

  • Involvement grew to CTO level for two years managing teams in the SF Bay Area and Taiwan


The "ResultCare Taiwan" Team

Full-Stack Product Development, Teams

Customer:  A Global Outsourcing Company 

Our client provides outsourcing and supply chain management for global customers. For four years we have provided daily high level technical support in the form of advising on product designs and implementations for their customers' diverse consumer and medical product ideas which have undergone various certifications, mass production, and in some cases FDA approval.



  • Hiring, team management, high level decision making, and planning

  • Firmware, hardware, mechanical and software outputs and review

  • Defended the technical aspects of their customers' products in due diligence

  • Supported customer through IP and incoming and outgoing tech transfer

High Level Consulting

Customer:  Hunting Energy Services (Electronics Division)

A customer’s Ethernet enabled logging tool required retrofitting since certain components already reached end of life (EOL. Saving the customer from a total redesign, we  coded firmware for a new display and modified embedded web server (Freescale Coldfire), updated schematics and OM replacing EOL products.

Involvement: ​

  • Recreated legacy dev environment for an out of service MCU design using GCC

  • Completed component retrofitting, testing, and schematic and BOM updates 

  • Coded new firmware (Freescale Coldfire) for LCD device display

  • Updated web-server code fixing several issues (Java)

R&D, EOL Product Restoration & Retrofitting 

Customer:  I Do Exchange LLC

I Do Exchange is an online marketplace for wedding planning which provides sophisticated wedding planning tools and connects local vendors and wedding couples through a one of a kind process. We have had an in-house team of developers and designers working on this for four years and we are transforming the concepts and ideas of the founder, 12 years worth of planning, to an original design and over 135k lines of JavaScript, html, and CSS. 


  • Team and project management 

  • Product features, user interaction, planning, design inputs

  • Architecture, and development of AngularJS web app and NodeJS Backend

  • Development workflows, SCRUM, source control, code review

Full-Stack Product Development, Teams

Customer:  A cosmetic product startup

No electronics or software in this project. In addition to providing mechanical and product design we are leveraging the experience and resources of our Taiwan office to secure overseas manufacturing to a U.S. customer for an idea never tried before in the cosmetic industry.  

Involvement: ​

  • 3D modeling of a new cosmetic product idea

  • Sourcing overseas suppliers and manufacturers 

  • Acting as manufacturing liaison 

Product Design and Manufacturing

Customer:  A consumer product startup

Research and development of a cooling system using thermal electric (Peltier) cooling. Although such systems are intrinsically very inefficient, we have applied our fundamental understanding of mechanical and electrical systems to optimize efficiency enough to create a battery powered cooling unit. Two prototype stages have been completed so far including a portable rechargeable device lasting four hours on one charge.

Involvement: ​

  • Specification and sourcing of peltier, battery and heat-sink components

  • Fluid and heat transfer calculations, system optimization 

  • Bench testing and physical prototyping

Advanced R&D, Product Design

Customer:  Manufacturing Facility

We’re currently researching a new concept regarding indoor positioning using Bluetooth beacons and machine learning. We have gained extensive experience with TI, Nordic, Dialog, and Si-Labs BLE chipsets and software stacks which all have their different benefits and use cases. 


  • Bluetooth low energy

  • Machine learning 

  • Statistics

  • Full stack development

Advanced R&D, Bluetooth Low Energy